April jog log

At least it’s back to more than one jog. I guess that’s a small progress, progress nonetheless.

April 7, 2013
April 14, 2013



Earned a medal today. Sadly, the family wasn’t there to see it.

That said, I know the absence doesn’t affect the fact that they are happy for me. As much as I wished that they could have been there, I also recognize limitations of the family members (including me) and the inconvenient schedule of the event. The absence does not lessen the appreciation I have for everything they have done for me. We all did what we can. It was just not set to be.

Of course, there’s that struggle with the inner selfishness in me. One good thing about it is that I had the entire two hours of the ceremonies to deal with my issues. There was no room for boredom.

There will be lapses in reasoning as well as episodes of childish tendencies. What matters is the awareness on the possibility and learning to deal with such situations. It is so easy to succumb to our childish selves. It is the time to be reminded of one’s maturity and to act with sense – the ability to consider factors beyond oneself in understanding contexts and in making decisions.

After all, time has taught us what selfishness brings.

state of mind

IMG_1605This is one of those weeks when the responses are limited to fragments and nods; the fragments barely related to the questions they should be answers to.

I’ve been glued to the screen for the entire week. My page numbers are all messed up. I have missed deadline extensions. This is what happens when one disregards the Gantt chart. I’ve been granted yet another extension. This is such an embarrassment.

Suck it up. Make up for it through better quality outputs. And do remember this level of embarrassment next time you consider taking the weekend off.

final issue for the semester

IMG_1600Technically, it still is part of the second semester 😀

The wait is over. The fourth issue arrived today 😀  This final issue has got to have the longest production time. We’re all relieved to have it finally printed.

I have learned a lot over the course of production of our four issues. This has been one of, if not the best class I’ve handled in my five years of teaching. The class has its flaws, of course but I’m more amazed at how the class managed to meet the challenges I presented at the start of the semester. This class has exceeded my expectations.

Congratulations to the Los Baños Times Editorial Board 2012-2013 😀

SK Federation
Communication Materials Development Training
for the Los Baños SK Federation Members (March 3)
Laguna-wide Development Journalism Congress 2013
(March 11)
Los Baños Times Stakeholders’ Meeting
(March 11)
Issue 3 released on March 4
The Los Baños Time Issue 3 released on March 4
Los Baños Times Issue 2 released on February 7
The Los Baños Times Issue 2 released on February 7
Our first Los Baños Times issue for the semester, which was released in January 27
Our first Los Baños Times issue for the semester, which was released in January 27

coffee break

I’ve ran out of excuses for not being able to regularly post entries.

Now, I’m just taking a break from the second, out of three, module that I needed to submit on Monday. Last Monday. It’s not something I’m proud of.

Still, this is a nice moment to sip the morning’s second tumbler of coffee and let things sink in.

  1. finished the masters research manuscript
  2. graduating this month (It’s set next week!)
  3. already dealt with papers for graduation (pending clearance)
  4. secured sponsorship for graduation expenses (Thank goodness!)
  5. four student advisees are all set for graduation

I’ve been really blessed. I’m thankful. Really, I have no right to complain.

Now, on with the next task.