manuscript submitted

IMG_1599Managed to make the final submission of the research manuscript.

I loved that walk of relief from the Graduate School back to the office. I didn’t even mind the rain of cotton that hindered comfortable breathing. I passed by the graduation grounds and I felt no more dread. I am actually looking forward to enduring hours under the summer heat a four Saturdays from now.

There’s still a lot of things to do. When is there not? I’ll deal with them. For now, I want to look back at how this output has scanned years of my stay here in the university. They are all part of the day’s submission.

I’m glad this part’s over. I know there’s a lot of things to improve in the manuscript. A LOT. It’s not an output I’d be highly proud of but it isn’t something I think of as a source of embarrassment. Tama lang. It will do for an masters academic requirement 😀

In hindsight, there’s that guilt that I didn’t seem to suffer as much as other masters students during the conduct and write up of the masters research. I’ve always dreaded this phase of the masters study. The thesis was something major and surviving it was something of a test of sanity. Then again, that guilt lessens when I remember the times when it felt like I was near the breaking point, staring blankly at my coding sheets with the brain too numb to process anything or when I became sick of corn (See, my research topic is about biotech corn) or when I’ve started discussing my research in my dreams. So I guess, I did suffer. That should deal with the guilt.

The masters thesis is the product of two month’s cramming; years of dread, hurried fast food meals and comfort food consumption, and troubled sleep; and and about two boxes of paper wasted. Not to mention the financial expense, which thankfully I have settled during the first quarter.

I can sleep better tonight. This would be the first time I earn the right for a no-alarm sleep this month.


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