Earned a medal today. Sadly, the family wasn’t there to see it.

That said, I know the absence doesn’t affect the fact that they are happy for me. As much as I wished that they could have been there, I also recognize limitations of the family members (including me) and the inconvenient schedule of the event. The absence does not lessen the appreciation I have for everything they have done for me. We all did what we can. It was just not set to be.

Of course, there’s that struggle with the inner selfishness in me. One good thing about it is that I had the entire two hours of the ceremonies to deal with my issues. There was no room for boredom.

There will be lapses in reasoning as well as episodes of childish tendencies. What matters is the awareness on the possibility and learning to deal with such situations. It is so easy to succumb to our childish selves. It is the time to be reminded of one’s maturity and to act with sense – the ability to consider factors beyond oneself in understanding contexts and in making decisions.

After all, time has taught us what selfishness brings.

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