Friday commute

So after about eight hours of bus travel from Banaue, the research project leader (who also happened to be my graduate adviser) and I found ourselves waiting at the embassy of South Korea at 7 am. We were really early considering that the embassy opens at 8:30 am. Being early did pay off as I was the fifth person to be accommodated at window 1. The transaction took less than 10 minutes and we were back at the malls by 10 am.

It wasn’t as stressful as I thought it would be. Granted or not, the visa application has already helped me cross out the ride-the-LRT entry in my to do list. Got to ride the MRT from Taft to North Avenue (which I know isn’t much of a big deal for most. For me it is). Killing time is probably one of the most effective method of torture. Even in the context of three malls – make that five – it was still challenging.

After about half a day’s worth of waiting, found myself snoring at the back of the the project leader and her husband’s car – to my great embarrassment.

It’s nearly midnight when I got home and my, did I take my time at the shower. Washing the soot from the hair proved to be challenging.


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