I keep the office window clear, blinds on the side so I can look at the view. I’d take any view but the discolored vertical blinds. Frequent room visitors complain about the room being too bright. I guess I like it bright. It keeps me awake.

It has become a habit to stare out the window everyday that I never really see the view. What the window offers is a break from the tasks scattered on the work table. Blue skies, the now greener grass, sudden rains, and evening lights. I’ve stopped noticing these because I’m exposed to them most of the time.

Late this afternoon however, I noticed the room turning rosy. I looked outside and I see this.



It’s a great way to end the work day. I was enjoying some coffee downtime as I have just submitted an output (within the day of the deadline). Was thinking about how grateful I am for delivering the output on time and for the blessings that arrived this week.

Turned off the room lights for a few minutes to watch the window display of colors as they dimmed. It’s not everyday that the skies provide this display. I’m grateful.


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