Destination: South Korea

So, I just survived immigration. I’m thankful that the immigration officers were  engrossed with the hysterical American scene at the next window to ask me more questions.

Last Friday, I have secured my visa for South Korea. Thank goodness I applied earlier than I originally planned. The week before last, a conflict in schedule of the respondents in our Banaue research project allowed us to return to Manila on a Friday morning instead of a Sunday so I managed to submit the requirements my visa application. Last Friday, I got the visa on schedule.

It’s my first trip overseas and I’ll be solo during the departure and arrival processes. Things went smoothly from the arrival to the airport. The more challenging part was getting a space – note: not a seat but a space – in a bus bount for LRT, Taft, Buendia from Los Baños.

Today’s a holiday today because of the national elections. I’m not sure if the bus companies cut down the number of buses in operation that day because there was some serious competition for bus space among commuters. I waited or about an hour and a half in Olivarez (Los Baños). All the buses from Sta. Cruz were full no matter what the destination.

And so with the luggage, I forced my bulky self into one of the buses and secured a space beside the stairs. I just had to move every time a passenger had to get off or on the bus. The good thing is the road were clear from Los Baños to Magallanes were I got off.

From Magallanes, I crossed the overpass and took a taxi (P200) to NAIA 3. There were taxi drivers charging passengers P400 for a ride to NAIA 3 in the bus unloading area. Cross the overpass and the price gets cut in half. One would get cheaper rates a metered taxi was secured.

And then the waiting started. I opted to take the long wait at the airport.  The flight was at one in the morning. Arrived at about six in the afternoon. It was a rather comfortable wait. Secured a seat near a comfort room and the food booths. Took note to prepare a book or two during the wait for the return flight to Manila.

A few more minutes and we’ll be boarding the plane.



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