South Korea: Day 2/10 (O-Train)

I was up at four in the morning. That’s how scared I was to waste the KW86,400 roundtrip O-Train tickets. IMG_1715 Passed by still closed shops my way to Hyehwa Station in this particulary cold morning (finally, a temperature suited to a trench coat 😀 ).

Customer reviews (I think?) on wood plates decorated the exterior of this one restaurant.

At 6 am, the subway is in full operation. Subway operations start at about 5 am and lasts until around midnight.

A level above the Seoul Subway Station is the Seoul KTX Station. I’m more than an hour early for my train. Anything to make sure I’m on that train when it departs 😀
This is our train bound for Jecheon.
With about 30 minutes before departure, the passengers took the time to take photos around the platform.
The assigned car for this trip. The car had very comfortable chairs. I could sleep here for hours but that would be wasting the chance to see South Korea. I now understand the ticket price. The train also had an attendant to assist passengers.
Feeds from cameras in the front and rear cars were made viewable to passengers in the monitors inside the train.
Taken from the highest altitude train station in South Korea. There are windmills on the mountain tops.

IMG_1762 IMG_1776 IMG_1779 IMG_1789 IMG_1802 IMG_1803 IMG_1804 IMG_1811 IMG_1834


Panicked at the Jecheon Station because there were no English translations on the signs at the train station. I had ten minutes to locate which train on which track would be bound for Seoul. I managed to locate the train through hand gestures and a helpful employee at the train station.

Got to relax in the viewing deck of the train. Although the color and patterns of the chair cover left me dizzy. I did transfer chairs after a few hours.

The train bound for Seoul experienced technical difficulties and was to be delayed by two hours. Apologetic staff kept giving us bows. The only thing I feared was that I’d have to transfer trains. I’d rather wait for hours than transfer. And wait, I did. We’ll be arriving in Seoul past midnight, two hours delayed. Good thing the subway would still be in operations, at least that’s what the attendant said.

My biggest problem was that I was famished. There wasn’t much to choose from in the overpriced food selection in the train. Good thing I brought water and bread and chocolates.

I believe I got what I paid for. It was certainly on of the fastest way to go around South Korea. Although the food was limited and the overpriced and the train was two hours delayed; it was still a great trip. What better place to be stuck than in a train with comfortable chairs, clean comfort rooms, and some food you make your way around South Korea provinces?


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