South Korea: Day 3/10 (Green Tea Festival at Daehan Plantation)

To get to Daehan Plantation, we took the express bus from the Central City Bus Station to Gwangju City (KW26,100). A bit pricey but we found that it was worth it. One of the most comfortable bus rides ever. Slept most of the ride. There’s one stopover – a chance to get lunch and a visit to the comfort room. What we did not expect was the number of hours it took to take us to Gwangju and then to Boseong.

Anxiously waiting for the bus. It was past noon already and we haven’t reached our destination yet.

From Boseong bus station, we took the bus bound for Boseong (KW8,400) that would take us to Daehan Green Tea Plantation. If you’re going to take the trip, kindly make sure that the Boseong bus will take you to Daehan Plantation. There seems to be another Boseong bound bus that will take passengers to other plantations.

After the hours of bus ride, we finally arrive at the fair grounds of the Boseong Green Tea Festival.

IMG_1864Any festival would be incomplete without games at the fair.

To get to the plantation entrance, one can take the shuttle (which we really planned to take) or go on foot. Instead of wasting more time to look for the shuttle, we settled on going on foot as we tried the green tea ice cream.


Enjoying on of the best ice cream flavor I’ve had so far (green tea!) as we made our way to the Daehan Green Tea Plantation at Boseong.

Walking to the entrance was not as hard as I thought. The path was lined with trees and of course, we had to take photos. A few minutes walk and we reached the entrance of the plantation. Paid the KW3,000 fee to enter the plantation – and walk some more.

Notice the mountain top? That’s the destination.
Thanks to Cla, I have photos with me included during this trip 😀
Hard at work. Plantation workers harvest green tea leaves as we tourists marvel at the view.

IMG_1890 IMG_1888 IMG_1882  

Several minutes of rest – slash photo op – before taking the last set of stairs before reaching the top.
Nearly there!


View from the top. There’s nothing really special about the view but you do get some sense of achievement by being able to see how far you’ve gone from the first flight of stairs.
A reminder to the future self that I did once manage – with great difficulty – to drag my ass off to the top of Daehan Green Tea Plantation.
Travel buddies. That’s Cla (rightmost) using her Galaxy Note 2 that takes great photos (of course with Cla’s directions) making me hate my phone – just a bit 😀
Treat! Second green tea ice cream for the day. Had to cool off after that climb.
With this cafe in view.
And we’re back to the fair grounds. We were interested in the pottery booth. Unfortunately, there was no one manning the booth at the time 😐
We were searching for the bus stop back to Boseong town proper when we noticed this lady.
I wish I could understand Korean so I could better appreciate what this represented.
And then we saw this gate. We were wondering if it was closed (but there was no “closed” sign in view) or if it was a private property. We entered the gates and found the place empty. Yey! More photo opportunities 😀

20130516_183452  IMG_1943 IMG_1942

After a few minutes, we made our way to the bus stop. There’s a long time interval between buses in this area. I mentioned to Cla that one great thing to experience would be hitching a ride at the back of those trucks like we see in Korean dramas or movies.

A few minutes later and a black Hyundai Equus stopped. The driver knew one of our companions in the stop and invited him to join him in the car. This I only get from gestures. Then the man from the stop then invited (I assume with the car owner’s permission) the male elderly who was also waiting. With a car room for two more people, they also invited us to join them. Random scenes from thriller movies flashed in the mind. There’s a grandpa with them, I thought. And the bus is taking too long to arrive (We really had no idea how long we will have to wait).

Boseong? We asked. Boseong, they nodded. And so there we were hitching a ride back to Boseong. It was hard to communicate but they car owner did get that we will be dropped off at the bus station with the male elderly. The other passenger joked that his knowledge in English was limited to the song A, B, C (I have no idea what the proper title of that song is), sorry, and yes. The ride was a bit tensed, as was our smiles during most of the ride. I managed to relax when I saw the familiar roads back to the bus station. We bowed our thanks for their kindness and offered more genuine (and relieved) versions of our smiles in gratitude.

We attempted to take the train back to Seoul but we missed the last trip. And so we found ourselves back to the bus station gesturing as we purchased our tickets for Gwangju.

From Gwangju bus station, we purchased express bus tickets (28,700) for Seoul.

Loud. Even in daylight, this building would get your attention. Had to take a photo of this building as we waited for the bus bound for Seoul.

One of the best days of this trip 😀


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