South Korea: Day 4/10 (Semiwon at Yangsuri)

Technically, Day 4 started back in Seoul Central City Bus Station. If your find yourself needing a place to pass time in Seoul, go to the Central City Bus Station. It’s open 24 hours. The bus from Gwangju arrived at about one in the morning. Taking the taxi back to the inn was out of the question (too expensive!). And so we decided to wait for the start of subway operations in about fours hours. During that long wait, we resolved to eat rice.

Back at the inn, we recharged with about two hours of sleep – plus the phone and/or cameras also needed a recharge.

Lunch 😀 For KW6,000, you get this. I don’t know the name of the dish but it’s pork in broth with leafy vegetables and bean sprouts. We ordered this by pointing to the other customer’s table. The other customer tried to help us order but it seemed that we were making it too difficult for him so we just said “That one” pointing to his table, “Two”, and a thumbs up.

Day 4’s destination is Yangsuri. The photo of the sailboat in the blogs was all it took to make us want to visit the place.

A helpful guy at the train explained that there are two types of train  going to Yangsuri. One will directly go to Yangsuri and for the other train, the passengers would need to transfer trains. We were on the second type of train. Silently, counting our blessings for kind hearted and helpful people like this guy.


We walked by the riverside planks until Cla saw the Semiwon or Lotus Garden sign. Entrance fee was KW3,000. Sadly, no lotus flower was in sight during the visit 😦

But there were stone paths in the middle of a stream (?),…
…jar fountains, …
… water spitting dragons, …
… and this scenery.
This is a boat bridge connecting one side of the park to the site of that sail boat.

IMG_1984 IMG_2005

Was enjoying taking photos when one of park attendants approached and asked if I wanted my photo taken.
So here’s his work 😀

Upon reaching the edge of the bridge, we were informed that we if we stayed after 6 o’clock, we will be charged with another KW3,000 won. Perhaps the sunset in the site is really beautiful although I’m not willing to spend another KW3,000 to find out.

Finally, we found the boat 😀
Boats, actually. There were about five of them.

IMG_2017 IMG_2020 IMG_2031 IMG_2036 IMG_2042 IMG_2045 IMG_2047

If one looked at the photos from the blogs we’ve visited, one would think that this place is a peaceful and tranquil site in a rather remote area. It’s a park offering several opportunities for taking photographs. There were a lot of people during our visit including families with pets. Somehow, “peace and tranquility” doesn’t fit well with “a lot of people” and “families and pets”.

The place needs better maintenance in terms of its comfort rooms and maybe a sign that says  “No lotus in bloom at the moment” at the entrance so people wouldn’t be disappointed for not seeing a single lotus flower in a supposedly lotus garden. Having cited that, the trip was still worth taking 😀 It was these boats that I was after, anyway.

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