South Korea: Day 5/10 (Naminara Republic)

We had an early start for Nami Island. Cla made reservations for us to join the buses bound for Nami Island. These buses are stationed in front of Lotte Mart off Jamsil Station.  KW23,000 per person covers round trip bus tickets and the ferry ride. The bus goes back to Seoul at four in the afternoon.

We encountered heavy traffic on the way to Nami. We made good use of the time by catching some sleep. We have been spending a lot of time sleeping during bus rides.

When we arrived at the port, we found the place packed with tourists, both foreign and local. Seeing local tourists flocking the place was a surprise for me. The greater surprise was the number of people in the area. I never realized the place was this popular.

Once the ferry docked on the island, we quickly separated from the throng of tourists and followed the dirt path outlining the island. Coming from a densely populated developing country, I shouldn’t be complaining about the number of people. There was just something about seeing that large of a crowd that can be overwhelming at times. Perhaps, it’s because I imagined the island to be a relaxing place for a stroll. If you get far enough from the crowded places, it can be peaceful and you can better enjoy the scenery.

There are several gardens one can visit.
They have a peacock on the loose – and even ostriches! Some of the ostriches were tormented by kids running after them.
Scenic places for a break from all the walking -if you wouldn’t mind annoying some tourists attempting to get their photos taken. From this spot, you can watch people taking photos with the statue of the Winter Sonata lead characters. Makes me wonder if they disinfect those statues regularly from all that hugging and kissing courtesy of the tourists.
I thought they were balloons. Realized that they’re lights. I bet they look great in the evening.
You can take your pick from several tree lined paths in the area
This one’s the famous tree-lines path in the Winter Sonata drama. It’s more beautiful in autumn with yellow leaves.
To take a photo of this road without any tourist would be such a challenge.
Art installations of varying sizes are scattered in the island.

IMG_2154      IMG_2169  IMG_2171                     IMG_2144  IMG_2112 IMG_2107 IMG_2105 IMG_2102 IMG_2100

Details on the wall of the female comfort room.


This is actually an entrance to the male comfort room.
There was a International Children’s Book Festival that week. There were cultural performances, exhibits, and there was an art fair. Found this booth interesting with its posts made of piled books.
They used piles of packed soda can blocks to hide the back of the stage.

We were back on the ferry at a little past three. We waited for quite some time for our bus to start boarding (which was a little after 4 pm). We waited for some passengers who seem to have forgotten the time. We departed for Seoul at about 4:15  pm.


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