South Korea: Day 6/10 (Paju City)

Paju City was one of the places I enjoyed the most during this trip. It was a great break from the crowds that one would encounter in other tourist sites. We went to Paju Book City and Heyri Artist Village. Paju Book City On a Sunday, the place felt like a ghost town. It was a great contrast to the yesterday’s experience at Nami. It can also be a bit scary. Then again, one can always go back to the main avenue and there’d be people setting up their stalls at the mall. This place is like a large architectural showroom. Aside from being a hub for publishers and printing press, the place also has several bookstores and book cafes as well as museums. We contented ourselves with browsing the book illustrations as most of the books on sale were in Korean. I managed to get two English books from the discounted rack. These books would keep me busy during the long wait at the airport during the flight back to Manila. Reading books is highly encouraged among young Koreans to the point that bookstores look more like a playroom – a very large one – with books and arts materials as the central activity. By bookstore, I am referring to up to three-storey charmingly themed establishments with activity areas ranging from painting and drawing, running around, free reading, and even wall (and ceiling) climbing. These bookstores serve a the showroom for publishers new releases and book lines. There are also several book cafes, galleries, and museums in the area. Even on a Sunday, there’s still a lot of places to visit. We did miss some interesting places as they are closed during weekends. We did managed to chance upon great shops and a museum for that notebook obsession. Paju Book City combines architecture, books, notebooks, cafes, and galleries with the peace of a weekend.

Early afternoon lull. The entrance to the museum included free americano from the lobby cafe plus a chance to look back at how enjoyable the day has been.
That shelf drained my travel budget. Went crazy over notebooks!
I loved this piece the most. I could stare at it all day.
The museum wasn’t part of the itinerary. We chanced upon the sign in the building facade. Looking for the entrance was a bit tricky but we did find it eventually 😀
We were looking for a place to rest after hours of walking. I just couldn’t remember the name of this cafe. Will have to come back.

20130519_14114920130519_14111120130519_134519 Thanks to Cla, I have these photos 😀

Notebooks 🙂 notebooks 😀 notebooooks!
The woman minding the cafe was kind enough to offer to take our photo.

20130519_122431 20130519_122204 20130519_112337 From Paju Book City, we took the bus to Heyri Artist Village. I was a bit underwhelmed to find that the place was a compound of galleries with an amusement park vibe. Usually, when I think of an artists village, I expect a bit of quiet and peace. It was anything but quiet. Well, inside some galleries, it was peaceful. I guess, the trip to Heyri Artists Village was okay. IMG_2283 IMG_2280 IMG_2273And as usual, we slept most of the bus ride back to Seoul.


2 thoughts on “South Korea: Day 6/10 (Paju City)”

  1. Hello, im also intending to head to paju this coming trip to seoul. Can u advise on what bus can we take to seoul and head over to book cafe den to the art village :D. Thanks in advance. Very much appreciated ^^

    1. From Hapjeong Station exit 2, take Bus 2200.

      The book cafes are in Paju Book City. Most of the stores in the book city is closed during weekends so you may want to go there on a weekday especially of you want to visit the galleries/shops of paper manufacturers. We chanced upon the cafe as we were walking around Paju Book City.

      The art village in is another area but no worries. The buses drop you off near the entrance.

      You can also visit this site for more info on Paju

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