South Korea: Day 7/10 (Hangang River Cruise and Insadong)

The sky was clear today and we took it as a good sign to take the Hangang River cruise.

Loving the details on these tiles. I initially thought the animal faces were painted on the posts. Identifying the animal faces in the tiles is a good way to pass time.

Took photos with Cla as we waited for the boarding time. 20130520_161158



The one-hour cruise passes through several bridges in the Hangang River, none of which I could remember (because I never really asked or paid much attention to the the narration during the boat ride.) All I know is that there’s a red bridge, and a green one, and a couple of grays.




IMG_2367 IMG_2416

Will definitely have to try another river cruise next time 😀

We went to Insadong to have that evening walk in the market and to purchase some souvenirs.



Had I not splurged in Paju City on notebooks yesterday, I could have taken one of these notebooks home 😐
Was really interested in this stall but the owner/attendant wasn’t anywhere to be found. Oh well, another reason to come back.

IMG_2473 IMG_2480


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