South Korea: Day 9/10 (Food Trip)

photo (1)

Stayed at the inn to enjoy the (really) fast internet connection watching Korean movies on Youtube. I know, I can do this in the Philippines but I just had to experience watching a movie without waiting for the video to load. When I pressed play, the movie starts playing. It was only when I had about nine tabs of movies when I saw the familiar loading text.

Was too scared to overspend in the last two days of my stay. Without Cla, I have greater tendency to overspend. So I just dealt with my laundry during my movie break, tried student meals (our inn was near Sungkyunkwan University), then went back to the inn for more movies.

At Day 9, I longed for home. I didn’t want to go out. There’s no doubt that this trip has been way more than what I expected. I have yet to use my running shoes. Planned for a morning run but I woke up late 😀 So I settled for movies. I did consider touring more palaces. In the end, the movies – with the fast internet connection – proved more appealing.

I was looking forward to going home. I realized ten days is too long for a vacation – even for South Korea. I guess a week would be enough. Although, it would be nice to come back in a different season 😀

I will come back but perhaps after a year or more. I’ll have to save up  for that.

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