South Korea: Day 10/10 (Incheon Airport)

IMG_2644Checked out at 11 am. By noontime, I was already at Incheon Airport. My  flight’s at midnight. That’s a long wait but I was prepared. I had two books from Paju City just for this purpose. Found an area near the comfort room and settled for a read. A long read.

Every other hour, I would try iced coffee at the different stalls. There was a lot of stalls and shops. Dunkin Donuts remain to be a favorite because of their relatively cheaper coffee and their green tea smoothie.

It is a beautiful and efficient airport. Everything well-designed that it’d be hard to get lost. I approached the elderly information officer stationed at the entrance to inquire about my midnight flight when I arrived at noon. She smiled, checked her folder, informed where I’d check in upon, directed me to the counter, and politely reminded me to check in three hours before my flight.

There’s a entertainment area. One could listen to the band, stay at a cafe, or find a comfortable spot in the waiting area near the charging station. I love this place. Spacious waiting area, free wifi and charging stations, clean comfort rooms, friendly and efficient staff, and most importantly, no terminal fee.

By the time I was halfway through the second novel, it was time for check in.


This may just be the farthest gates in the airport. No complaints there. At least it was quiet. The plane was delayed for about an hour. It’s not really something new.



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