10 days of getting lost in South Korea

SK Trip 2013

It did push through, the dream South Korea trip. Ten days of wandering and getting lost,  surviving on sign language and some English. The trip was a journey worth taking. From missing bus stops to exploring the Seoul subway to being stuck in a train for a day of sightseeing around the country to hopping on bus rides we had no idea would take long hours to get to the destination to conquering stairs in a green tea plantation to hitching a ride back to the bus station to getting tutorials for cooking noodles to standing during long subway rides (because at some stop, an elderly would definitely enter and you’ll probably just offer your seat) to overspending because you converted the price wrong 😀 I’m just happy to have provided amusement to the people I have met during the trip 😀

This trip would be one of the highlights of my life. It was one of the best memories I have so far. Despite my tendency to forget things, I know this trip will be difficult to forget.

The ten-day stay was not my choice, mind you. If I had found a promo ticket nearer to the arrival date, I would have cut the trip short. Then again, as with most of the things that happened on this trip, it must have been meant to be.

This was my first trip overseas, going through the arrival and departure processes solo. It definitely wasn’t the most relaxing trip but I developed great appreciation for efficiently designed processes. It was also the most expensive trip I’ve taken, given the length and the location. Until now, I worry about how I’d manage in the next months but I just remind the self that every won spent was all worth it.

I don’t know how exactly but I know something changed – for the better. Somehow, one gains confidence that one can manage most of the things he/she has been so worried about before the trip. One learns to not let small inconveniences affect the fun one can get from something. There’s the acceptance of the things one cannot do anything about and instead, focus on the how to make the most of the situations one finds oneself in. Being clueless and lost does not always mean being stupid – and being stupid isn’t always a bad thing. The more situations of stupidity one may find oneself in, the greater the lessons one can take home from one’s journey.

There’s that slight feeling of enlightenment and then greater discontent. Where to get lost in next?

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