Destination: Day 1 of 6. Singapore and Yogyakarta

Our first complete group photo (sort of)

Being a presenter at the conference was such a blessing. It’s an opportunity to travel and a good excuse to spend.

I want to enjoy this trip as much as I could because I know I’d be back to pancit canton and siomai mode when we get back. It’s a chance to get new stamps in the passport. Thankfully, I managed to put my passport to use before it expired. Feeling blessed and thankful.

This was my first time in Singapore and Indonesia. Good thing I’m taking this trip with Aldo (see window reflection in the photo above), Aiza(right), and Dana (left). I did wonder what act of stupidity I’d be doing for the next hours during the our check in at NAIA III. It turned out that it would be in the accomplishment of a form. Wrote my passport number in the wrong box 😐

We had a few hours to spare before the flight to Yogyakarta so we went to see the Merlion – the small one. I’ll remember Singapore as the country with such expensive bottled water (we’re talking about the non-fancy brands). 

It was dark when we arrived at Yogyakarta Airport. It was comforting to see long cues at the immigration line and the lack of a moving carousel for the luggage. Felt like home 😀

Got settled in our hotel and rested for a while. We went out for dinner. This garden restaurant at the second floor  of the building across McDonald’s seemed interesting. Looking for the entrance was quite a challenge but we did find it.

IMG_2753 IMG_2756

Ordered a beef dish. It was good. Loved it. If this is how their food is, I’m going to love this place 😀


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