Destination: Day 2 of 6. Yogyakarta (22nd AMIC Annual Conference)

It’s the first day of the conference.

Was delighted to see the hotel’s breakfast buffet. The conference registration starts at noon so we leisurely took our breakfast. So far, everything about the hotel has been great.

We arrived in the conference venue early so we were able to get good seats. I’m not sure if it was the extreme temperatures from yesterday’s travel or if it’s a bug in the conference hall but I had the chills and a sore throat.

We explored the other streets near the hotel to look for a place for dinner. It was then when we discovered Loving Hut. They had a a wide range of affordable menu items. When I saw the Drinks page, I wanted to order one of each. I could imagine myself spending an entire afternoon in the place.


I forgot what this was but it’s pineapple and cucumber in lemon juice.

Two nights in a row. Great food. I love this place 😀


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