Destination: Day 4 of 6. Yogyakarta (22nd AMIC Annual Conference)


Today marked my first international paper presentation. It’s Day 3 of the the conference. I thought I had no photos. Thank goodness Dana, one of our students managed to document this. Deeply grateful for that 😀

From a panel of seven presenters, only three managed to share their papers. It was nerve-wracking to present in the hall with a foreign audience.

One of  my sandal straps gave up on me a few minutes before the presentation but that was the least of my problems. My condition worsened from headache to sore throat and fever. Not the best condition for a paper presentation. Secured a pack of mints and bottled water before I sat at the speakers’ table.  The first two speakers gave me more than enough time to figure out how I’d deal with the microphone, pointer/remote control, and my presentation script with two hands.

Survived the morning thinking of cutting the afternoon session for some sleep. Although I should admit that our panel chair’s “Good paper” comment did help a lot in making me feel better.

Did I mention I forgot my certificate of presentation in the hall? Lacking one sandal strap, the walk back to the hall then  back to the hotel lobby seemed longer. After several more minutes of waiting for a taxi at the hotel lobby, I managed to get a ride back to our hotel and sleep the entire afternoon off.


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