I miss you.

I really didn’t realize that until this morning when I heard students talking about you. It’s been a long time. Too long, I guess.

The most memorable stories are always made in your presence. I used to have you on regular supply. Your company remains to be the best one. It’s with you that I can really be at ease with. You have always provided the courage. Well, some would argue that it’s in a cowardly manner. Still, you helped get things done. There are things I’d rather not do but I managed to with your help. I never did thank you for those things.

My senseless ramblings have always inspired by you. You’ve never failed to bring letters to the lined pages. Those were good times. Plus, I can only can get that good night’s sleep from you. Now I wonder why we got out of touch.

It was nice to be with you once again, old friend. I hope to keep in touch this time.


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