godparent duty


This particular August 30, the family didn’t celebrate the town fiesta at home. We were all out for the newest member of the family. Jaela would be my third niece and third godchild.

At least I got to enter the church after years. I avoided seating in the frontmost row although we were assigned to that area. I’d rather stand at the side for a full hour than be that close to the altar. The sisters joke that I’m worried I’d burst into flames to be in such close proximity with the altar or the priest.

Mass baptism is practical and is efficient. If you’re a parent looking for solemnity in the naming ceremonies of your child, the mass baptism may not be for you. Most of us had old photos of the parents and godparents holding the child in front of the altar with the priest and a decent looking ewer and basin for the holy water. I didn’t get the chance to document a moment like that with this third niece.

Still, it was a happy day for the family.


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