gathering time

I  finally gathered the courage to ask for an item I have eyed since the mother’s show-and-tell about two weeks ago. I asked if I could trade the watch for the bracelet.


I may have a thing for watches. This, I found early in high school. The left wrist just feels empty without it. There’s a sense of comfort and security in wearing a watch. Plus, I’ve developed the habit of looking at the left wrist whenever I’m in an awkward situation or any situation that I’d want to get out of 😀

It’s the only piece of jewelry I would be willing to spend on. In the family, a watch is considered a jewelry. Thankfully, the mother was willing to let go of this one as she was looking forward acquiring another time piece.


It’s supposed to be a frantic Monday.

Instead, I’m finding a quiet moment at the office. This is a good thing. I tell myself. Still, there’s something unsettling in having this much time for a Monday. Well, I do have a meeting in half an hour.

Woke up before six this morning. It’s unusual. I had time to collect my thoughts before starting the day’s routine. I had time. I usually rush through the early morning routine so I can be at the office on time.

Today I had time for breakfast, send a few messages, and get the laundry from the corner shop. The morning was not without disruptions as with the army of tiny red ants that has laid claims on my apartment (especially my closet) or the broken door lock at the laundry shop or the fact that my laundry is still not ready after a week’s stay at the shop. Surprisingly, I was still in a light mood when I arrived at the office.

Perhaps it’s having been able to rest during the weekend. Managed to recover from the previous week’s nightly fever. Catching up on sleep does great things for the body and one’s mood. Now, if I can only go back to jogging, things will be more normal. Will work on that this week. Hopefully.

Or perhaps, it’s just too early to write about a not-so-frantic Monday.

family weekend

Spent the day with the mother today as she settled her phone bills and looked for a new television set at the mall about an hour away from the town. Apparently, her viewing requirements require the 3D feature with glasses and all. The need for 3D television is something I have a hard time understanding. Maybe because one: I cannot afford it and two: I cannot afford the cable subscription and the increase in electricity bill from an additional appliance.

Then again it’s not my money hence, not my concern. I am merely on a chaperone function as the mother checked the prices. I try not to think of these prices in terms of my  salary. The computation enough is draining more so when I realize how long I would have to work to earn the amount that the mother would be spending for an item for such trivial reasons. Once again I remind myself, it’s her money. After all, there’s no use talking practicality with the woman once she has set her sights on a new goal.

She did treat me to a nice lunch 😀 and a comfortable transport.

There were no major purchases for the day. Not today. Spent the rest of the day in an idle chat with the mother and the third sister at the mother’s place waiting for the late afternoon rains to subside.

It’s a peaceful afternoon at the office. Classes were suspended because of the typhoon. Managed to deal with the bills this morning. Saw some students wandering around the building. It’s an extension of the weekend for our college students. For us workers, it’s another Monday to be dealt with, flu and all. This weather’s depressing. All gloomy and gray. Grabbed some ten-peso seedless oranges from sidewalk stalls to brighten the office. Other people would buy flowers. I buy food. It’s more practical 😀 It rained heavily the entire weekend. I love rainy days but even I got sick of the rain – literally and figuratively. The eldest sister and I had done some shopping during the weekend. That involved braving the rain as we transferred from one shop to another. She had an umbrella. I didn’t. We both ended up getting wet because I was too stubborn to bring my umbrella. I think the elder sister’s condition is worse than mine. She filed a leave from work today. Guilty. Duly noted. Bring an umbrella next time. Fixing the laminator made the the day productive – I can’t bring myself to start working on the survey questionnaire I should be updating.