off the list

It was past six in the morning when I alighted from the Ohayami bus. The early morning cold welcomed me to Banaue once more.

The sun is up but the air is cold. I love this about this town. Everytime I come here for work, I make a promise to come back for leisure. So far, that remains a promise.

This time, I was alone. I love it. The eight hours bus ride was the longest peace and quiet I could have. It reminded me of long bus rides back home in Albay. Only in this route, the foreigners equal if not compose most of the bus passengers.

I hurried to purchase my return tickets for tomorrow. Got to be on that 7pm bus trip back to Manila so I could be back for work on Monday morning. I found it strange that the woman in the booking office seemed more accommodating. She’s usually in a sour mood. I guess it has something to do with the return of the Florida Bus operations in the area.

I needed to be in the first study site by 8 am. Managed to take a shower and grab some breakfast before I hurried to the site. And then I found that there has been some misunderstanding. That’d be my fault.

With this scenery, it takes quite a long while for boredom to come. That’s a good thing since the job involves a lot of waiting.

And so arrangements were made for me to return in the area at 6:30 am tomorrow. A couple of calls I made to reschedule the meeting with another study site. Tomorrow will be quite a long day.

The least I could do for the day was to get the updated contact numbers of our volunteers in the barangay. Then it was a long wait for tomorrow back at the inn.

It wasn’t such a bad thing. I got the rest of the day for sleep err… I mean to further revise the survey questionnaire for tomorrow and feel guilty.

or to finally enjoy a cup (P30) of native brew with this view

Now this is one thing off my to-do list. To have the chance to enjoy a cup of coffee leisurely. Of course, I’d wish the man on the phone at the side of the terrace would take his phone conversation somewhere else so I could enjoy the view that would be great with some peace and quiet. Then I thought, that would be asking for too much.

I’ll enjoy today. Tomorrow, I’ll suffer.

Fortunately, the long hours of travel beat guilt for some restful sleep in preparation for tomorrow’s work. The rested state and the caffeine overload gave me enough courage to get another entry off the list. I should have hit “Send” sooner. A couple of beeps later and tomorrow’s work – and the long bus ride straight to work – seemed to not matter anymore. Thank you.


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