Gloom’s setting in. From a distance are sounds of thunder as dark heavy clouds hover over the campus. Sitting by the glass window allow me the luxury of wasting time witnessing the slow movements of what would later drop rains on this Friday morning.

A few hours back, the day started with a bright sun and clear skies. Today started as a sunny and warm day that I had to let go of the more comfortable sweater for a cotton shirt because of the heat. Now, I’m starting to regret not sticking to the sweater.

It was a rather peaceful morning. The first two hours or so at least. Managed to clean the office, finish breakfast, and enjoy half of the day’s first tumbler of coffee before a student dropped by for a consultation. It was fine.

And then the frustration of the antiquated requirements from the accounting office set in, among other things. Surprisingly, I felt more at ease. Now this was normal. A peaceful Friday morning is unheard off. Fridays are usually set as deadlines for submission of student outputs. I usually get a LOT of student consultations during the day of submission. Typical of college students and the cramming culture.

Three hours into the work day and I know it’s going to be one of those days when you’d wait the clock out until it’s time to get off from work and come home to a Friday evening with hopes for a weekend. I didn’t have the last week. I won’t have that next week.




4 thoughts on “”

    1. Aba’y dalas-dalasan ang pagpunta ng Elbi. (Ahem, kape, kape – yung sa palengke lang.) Karir ang grad school! Kakabisita ko lang pala sa Mental Emporium 😀

      1. “Kakabisita ko lang pala sa Mental Emporium :D” -aaand? May typo or grammatical errors ba? :p

        I will try to visit ELBI soon, and bring coffee.
        Naka isolate ka padin ba? Haha 🙂

      2. More entries! Eto ang mga binibisitang blog kapag nag-uumiwas ng pagte-check ng papel. Di ako natingin ng typo. La akong napansin.
        Abangan na namin ang kape 😀
        Isolated pa din although may nanggugulo din namang mga volunteer at SA kaya ni-let go ko na si manong guard sa Planters.

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