It’s a peaceful afternoon at the office. Classes were suspended because of the typhoon. Managed to deal with the bills this morning. Saw some students wandering around the building. It’s an extension of the weekend for our college students. For us workers, it’s another Monday to be dealt with, flu and all. This weather’s depressing. All gloomy and gray. Grabbed some ten-peso seedless oranges from sidewalk stalls to brighten the office. Other people would buy flowers. I buy food. It’s more practical 😀 It rained heavily the entire weekend. I love rainy days but even I got sick of the rain – literally and figuratively. The eldest sister and I had done some shopping during the weekend. That involved braving the rain as we transferred from one shop to another. She had an umbrella. I didn’t. We both ended up getting wet because I was too stubborn to bring my umbrella. I think the elder sister’s condition is worse than mine. She filed a leave from work today. Guilty. Duly noted. Bring an umbrella next time. Fixing the laminator made the the day productive – I can’t bring myself to start working on the survey questionnaire I should be updating.

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