family weekend

Spent the day with the mother today as she settled her phone bills and looked for a new television set at the mall about an hour away from the town. Apparently, her viewing requirements require the 3D feature with glasses and all. The need for 3D television is something I have a hard time understanding. Maybe because one: I cannot afford it and two: I cannot afford the cable subscription and the increase in electricity bill from an additional appliance.

Then again it’s not my money hence, not my concern. I am merely on a chaperone function as the mother checked the prices. I try not to think of these prices in terms of my  salary. The computation enough is draining more so when I realize how long I would have to work to earn the amount that the mother would be spending for an item for such trivial reasons. Once again I remind myself, it’s her money. After all, there’s no use talking practicality with the woman once she has set her sights on a new goal.

She did treat me to a nice lunch 😀 and a comfortable transport.

There were no major purchases for the day. Not today. Spent the rest of the day in an idle chat with the mother and the third sister at the mother’s place waiting for the late afternoon rains to subside.


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