It’s supposed to be a frantic Monday.

Instead, I’m finding a quiet moment at the office. This is a good thing. I tell myself. Still, there’s something unsettling in having this much time for a Monday. Well, I do have a meeting in half an hour.

Woke up before six this morning. It’s unusual. I had time to collect my thoughts before starting the day’s routine. I had time. I usually rush through the early morning routine so I can be at the office on time.

Today I had time for breakfast, send a few messages, and get the laundry from the corner shop. The morning was not without disruptions as with the army of tiny red ants that has laid claims on my apartment (especially my closet) or the broken door lock at the laundry shop or the fact that my laundry is still not ready after a week’s stay at the shop. Surprisingly, I was still in a light mood when I arrived at the office.

Perhaps it’s having been able to rest during the weekend. Managed to recover from the previous week’s nightly fever. Catching up on sleep does great things for the body and one’s mood. Now, if I can only go back to jogging, things will be more normal. Will work on that this week. Hopefully.

Or perhaps, it’s just too early to write about a not-so-frantic Monday.


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