the remaining three-quarters

One email disrupted the peace in the happiness bubble I’ve been enjoying. A possibility of a stipend. I’ll take it. It will not be enough to cover even half the transport expenses but it will help.

This November’s conference  a big expense and a great risk BUT it is definitely worth pursuing. A trip to another continent that I’d be paying for in the next two years to present a research I personally funded in a conference that I’d also be personally paying for (errr… most of it. Well, all of it at first and then a very small possibility of some reimbursements) but will be reflected in the university records.

See, getting the research paper accepted (inclusive of the actual conduct of the data gathering to completion of research manuscript) is only a quarter of the battle. The remaining three-quarters is for generating funds to get one to the conference venue and dealing with travel grant requirements – which would be on a reimbursement basis.

Basically, you spend your own money first and wait a lifetime until the reimbursement gets processed. Hopefully, you get your reimbursement before you retire. In the meantime, go crazy on filing for loans from your social insurance contributions and secure personal loans from relatives.

Here’s to enjoying two years of loans – plus interest.


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