on recharge

The sisters always wondered why I bother coming back to the hometown when I spend most of the day – most of my stay – sleeping.

I’ve tried explaining that there’s a different kind of sleep I get in this place. It has nothing to do with the mattress or the pillows. It’s just the place. It’s the same reason I can never get that restful sleep in a hotel room no matter how good the mattress or how comfortably cold the room may be. I manage to get enough good sleep in the apartment but that’s incomparable with the restful sleep I get here.

Perhaps, it’s the overall state of mind. In my hometown, I’m physically away from work. Technically, I bring the work with me but being outside the workplace for a few days brings me greater peace during the evenings in my sleep.

I take these leave from work during the summer, Christmas, and semestral breaks as a chance to recharge. This year, I found that missing one of these breaks would be stressful for me. That’s why I make sure to secure tickets to these breaks even a year in advance.


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