missing the oldies

It’s back to work Monday with this burning in my throat.

It’s gonna be one hell of a week with that long break I took. Nah, no time for regrets now. I needed that break to go back home and spend time with the family. I didn’t really think I’d miss the oldies but the mornings seemed too quiet without their bickering. They’d have the entire morning debating on how to best deal with this sore throat.

See, there’s four senior citizens living in one household back home. Add to that the fact that they’re siblings. Three of them are female (the aunts) and one is male (my father).

Expect an early start everyday. Before six am, they’re all out and about doing their own thing in the garden. Well, except when the father had an alcohol session the previous night and would spend most of the morning dealing with a hangover. We usually see him in the kitchen around 9 am snack time. That’d be the only time my plate’s not the last one on the table.

There’s a lot of fish served in that table. Fried dried fish, fish cooked in broth, fish in coconut milk and vegetables. It’s the healthy thing to eat, really. I just developed this dislike for fish dishes with broth because they’re a dishwasher’s horror. One has to wash the dishes especially the utensils twice to get the smell of them. I was the house dish washer for the longest time. My dislike for the fish and broth dish isn’t because of the taste. It’s about the unpleasant memories I’ve associated with having that dish in the table.

I do eat fish. It’s not the first thing on my preference list, though. If I can avoid it, I would.

So to get around the dried fish for breakfast, I made sure to drop by the grocery for hotdogs and bacon. For lunch and dinner fish dishes, I’d eat more of the vegetables. If I cannot avoid the fish broth dish. I help myself with the fish flakes. No broth.

During this break, there were two pork dishes 😀 I think the oldies knew I’ve been avoiding the fish, took pity on me and served pork. Pork! Never been so happy to see pork sinigang.

Found myself grinning stupid, lost in the past week. I’m looking forward to the Christmas break back with the oldies (– yeah, even though I don’t get gifts anymore.)


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