Destination: Singapore Day 1 of 4. Lavander Street and Funan Digital Mall

Arrived at about 2 am. Dealt with work and securing internet connection as I waited for the MRT to start its operation. I was one of the  roaming around Changi Airport choosing a good spot for a nap. I settled for a seat and a warm dish. Dealt with work once more. With internet subscription, time passed by quickly.

Locating the hostel from the MRT station was the first challenge. Took a while but I did manage to find the place through Google Maps. Cursed myself for not wearing more comfortable shoes. I’m starting to realize I’m gonna be walking a lot this weekend especially if I keep getting lost – which at this point should be no surprise for me. Well, I did get to familiarize myself with the locations of  24-hour convenience stores and the restaurants 😀

I’m a bit scared of busses. I’m relatively more confident using trains. That was until I discovered Google Maps provides an accurate bus commute guide. So it was decided, I’ll be taking the bus for the entire weekend. At least, I’ve secure the EZ Link card. It shouldn’t be that difficult.

Arrived at the hostel at around 6 am. They were let me use the facilities even though I haven’t checked in yet. Took a shower and dozed off in one of the benches at the hostel rooftop. One of the review online said that it was noisy at the rooftop from the construction work in the neighborhood. The noise from the construction didn’t really bother me at all. I needed that sleep badly.

View from the Green Kiwi Hostel rooftop. You can see the three bus stops from here 😀 There a nearby food court and Little India is just less than a few minutes walk.

I should note, though, that the rooftop photos uploaded on the hostel website was taken years ago – when the herb garden was still well maintained.

At around 9 am, took the bus – my first bus ride 😀 – to the mall. Walked around Funan Digital Mall – four floors covered – as I waited for stores to open. Settled for breakfast as I recomputed the possibilities for purchase 😀

Found myself lost at Holland Drive 😐 Good thing they have great food in the food court near the bus stop.

Completed checking in to the hostel. The female dorm room can accommodate up to 12. Managed to get some sleep.P1000058

I realized I took home a malfunctioning unit so I had to return to the store to be scolded at by the older attendant for changing the camera settings. He said I should not be changing the camera settings and blamed me to the camera malfunction. Why would I buy a unit I can’t even set the time and date because it keeps displaying an error prompt?!

And there I was hoping I could spend the first night taking photos of the city from the “second floor” of a city bus 😦 Was sent back home with the unit that worked normally for a few minutes then returned to giving me that error prompt. Must have this unit replaced tomorrow.

Here’s to hoping the next three days will be better than this one.


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