Destination: Singapore Day 3 of 4. Singapore Botanic Gardens and Singapore Zoo

Spent the entire morning at Singapore Botanic Gardens. By lunch time, the legs were weary from all that walk. No wonder very few locals are overweight. You just have no excuse for not getting enough physical activity. With the abundance of park grounds to cover and the beautiful view, the fault is yours for not using that space for a walk or a jog.

I’m not really a flower person but I did enjoy the flowers, benches, and trees – and yes, seeing a squirrel eat rambutan upside down. And more squirrels chasing one another across tree branches.



P1000280 P1000230 P1000200 P1000193 P1000188 P1000131 P1000129 P1000122 P1000113 P1000092 P1000089 P1000081

It’s no wonder why this place is a popular venue for pre-wedding photos, dates, family picnics, and of course solitary walks 🙂 I now know why it was one of the highly recommended places in Singapore. I’d definitely bring my running shoes next time. That’d be one of my regrets for this trip.

Went to Singapore Zoo in the afternoon. At this point, I have full trust in the Google Maps app that I walked 30 minutes to the nearest bus stop. The past three days should make up for the month’s physical activities. I can feel blisters forming from all the walk. Should have brought more comfortable shoes. Something I could wear socks with 😐

I could go back to the hostel and rest. Then again, I need to see the panda 😀 Took the River Safari tour at Singapore zoo because it involved seeing two pandas. But before the panda, there were other attractions.

P1000348 P1000385 P1000374

It was early in the afternoon when I started the tour. The pandas were asleep for quite a while. I contented myself with photos of sleeping pandas. It just won’t do. Came all this way to see them at least move. And so despite the persistent attendant telling me to go watch the animal interaction with some bird, I stayed and waited for the pandas to wake up.  Come 4 pm and it was finally feeding time. That means we get to see them chew carrots and bamboo.P1000447 P1000479The wait was worth it. Lingered for another hour after they awoke. I tried to stay until I’d get sick of watching the pandas. It seems that you can never get sick of looking at pandas. I left because it was getting dark and I had the rest of the tour to experience before I could reach the exit.

And although it was really the pandas I was after, the tour did offer more than what I expected. Had three moments when the brain screamed Amazing! It’s nice to experience that child-like wonder, that slow intake of breath, and then you feel the warmth in your face. It takes a few seconds to get over that moment and then you hastily grab your camera to take a photo. For me, it was the pandas and these two scenes.P1000534

P1000560It felt like was inside a 3D film. The cold, the sound, and this view combined made me feel like a child again. I was never interested in aquariums but this one, it was huge!

For this day, two camera batteries were not enough. After this photo was taken, the second battery died on me.

There was a long wait for the bus back to the city.  Slept most of the way back to the hostel. Tomorrow, I’d head back home.


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