Destination: Singapore Day 4 of 4

It’s my last day in Singapore and as usual, the morning is spent here.

Even though the rooftop was not maintained and looked way different from what was posted in the hostel website, I still loved the rooftop because it had this secluded area. No one really stays in this part of the rooftop in the morning – except me.



P1000568I needed to leave early for my flight at noon. Took a taxi. My three-day internet subscription expired last night so taking the bus was not an option. I arrived in Singapore with a backpack. Now there’s the backpack plus two bags 😐

It’s the eldest and the third sisters’ birthday. The second sister is in town. The family fetched me from the airport. It was a nice experience. Extremely grateful for that. Went straight to the mother’s place for the birthday dinner.

It was one long day. I’m just glad to survive the week with no episodes of regret. I’m looking forward to reuniting with my bed – tomorrow. Tonight, I’m to stay at the mother’s.



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