of wants and responsibilities

Just glad to have survived the weekend – and hopefully get through this week okay. I cannot wait for the Christmas break.

We arrived at about 7am this morning. Managed a long shower and it was off to the office. There’s a lot of stuff to deal with before the vacation.

The weekend turned out better than I feared. I’m thankful for the words that led me back to reason and to acting more like an adult rather instead of a brat. It wasn’t what I wanted. It was something I needed to do. Going through it didn’t kill me. I’m thankful that I went to Banaue last weekend – the cold, stiff neck, back ache, and all.

It was cold and drizzling most of the time.P1000879 Envied the house pet warmly curled up by the fire, asleep. Was really envious of the asleep part.

P1000887 Heavy clouds descended to the terraces with the steady drizzle and colder-than-usual winds.



P1000968For a few moments, we did experience a bit of  sunshine.

But mostly, it’s drizzle, fog, and cold. For work and inviting people to attend a community meeting, the condition’s a disadvantage. Once we finished business matters, we did manage to enjoy the weather at a local bakery. We found a new place to hangout – with way more affordable menu entries. Sampled goods on display 🙂 Bought 26 PhP worth of goods and stayed for more than an hour. It was also more quiet.

P1010087 P1010092Now, I just hope this sore throat wouldn’t progress to the flu.


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