Christmas morning at the beach

The second sister invited me to join their family in the beach for Christmas morning. She was practicing her driving skills. She’s got her license and all. She’s just getting the feel of their own vehicle, which the brother-in-law reminds her is more sensitive than the one’s her driving instructor used for classes.

What can I say, it’s a lively Christmas morning! Far from dull with the suspense from the second sister’s driving. We were cruising – slower than cruising, actually. I could take photos of the landscape we were passing by and I’d have no problem with getting out of shot photos. No special settings needed. That’s the pace we had. Still, I’m all for support to the second sister’s driving progress. Won’t want to be in the same situation when I try to study driving.

After quite some time, we did arrive at the beach. And so as the family set up their picnic, I did the wandering. How long has it been since I last took a dip in salty waters?! I cannot recall the last time I had a swim at the beach.

Padyak. The local favored means of transportation.
Shelter… somehow. It did protect us from most of the rains but I need to say that it’s roof badly needs repairs. Then again, we didn’t pay the rental fee. Still, this roof needed a lot of work.
What used to be a floating cottage is now in a state of disrepair.
I remembered joining taking a swim in jeans and long sleeves because I didn’t want my skin getting dark. That was way back in elementary 😀 Now, I just want a walk.

Couldn’t take that dip earlier this morning because I wasn’t exactly dressed for a swim. What we wanted was just to have a  walk by the beach with the morning sun.

There’s rain somewhere there. When the islands across the shore are far from visible, expect rain to come.

The sun had other plans as it hid behind heavy clouds bringing rain. We could see rain approaching from the islands to our shore.



It took several minutes but we did see the islands across once more. The heavy drops have subsided into a light drizzle.

After quite some time, the rains did pass and it was suddenly sunny.


Took that chance to take our leave and return home. This time, the brother-in-law drove. It was more peaceful.


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