gone swimming

We returned to the beach. The weather turned out fine this morning. We can finally see the sun. It’s been rainy and gloomy these past few days.

Was too sleepy when one of the aunts woke me up to remind me of yesterday’s plan to take a swim today. Jogged to the beach from the house. Wasn’t a very smart move. See, the sun was up and there were already several people in the streets – my route. In the hometown, I usually start jogging earlier in the morning when people are still inside their homes. People are naturally curious about passers-by – that would include me. I wouldn’t want a chat or hear comments so I had to keep running. No slowing down today. Polite smile on the face. Keep running. Keep running.

Was fortunate to have a taho vendor at the beach. Gulped my cup of taho in less than a minute. Was too hungry to take a photo of it.IMG_3389

That part over, I managed to enjoy the beach better in this weather. Rested for a while and then padded to the waters. The public beach at Brgy. Hindi in Bacacay, Albay is well-maintained. It’s cleaner than the beach less than five minutes away from our house. IMG_3417 P1010178 IMG_3411 IMG_3403 P1010176 IMG_3424 IMG_3382

IMG_3400This was one of the better days 🙂


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