It’s my first Monday at the office. While most people returned to work last Monday, I was on leave. It was great way to start the year – out of the office.

Despite the entire weekend at rest, it was still a challenge to peel oneself from bed this morning. I initially set the alarm at 4:30am hoping to start a morning jog routine. Got out of bed at 6:30 am after four settings of alarm. I would have loved to spend more time enjoying the morning cold but then I thought I was overdoing the rest part. Anyway, I couldn’t really enjoy the sleep that much because my throat’s been keeping me awake most of the night.

Woke up several times in the night (and early morning) with the left side of the throat burning  and gulped water after a few minutes would require going to the bathroom. Good luck getting some sleep repeating that routine at least five times.

Still, I’m thankful that I’ve been blessed with a relatively easy Monday morning. Had the Banaue trip pushed through last Saturday, I would have been suffering from a long night of backache trying to find some way to sleep in the bus and then head straight to work after a shower and a change of clothes.

So yes, I’m lucky to enjoy a relatively peaceful first-Monday-at-work-for-2014.


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