Batanes Day 1/6. A tour of Batan

The freezing wind and a drizzle welcomed me to Basco. Made a mental note to thank the cousin for the reminder to bring thick clothes.

The plane landed after eight in the morning. Notified the cousin that we have landed. He said he’ll pick me up at the airport. The cousin has lived in Batanes for 14 years. He married a local and set up home in Basco.

It turned out that I didn’t need to notify the cousin that we have landed. Everyone in Basco knows when a plane is landing. The sound of the breaks can even be heard from their home.

The cousin set me up in my hotel and then introduced me to his wife during breakfast.

This cousin was one of the “cool” ones. We followed him around when he came for a visit back in the hometown. Fishing, cock fight, photography, and cooking-eating were his major interests. Learned a lot of sauces and dishes from him. We looked forward to his visits because it meant delicious food prepared by him during his entire stay. Needless to say, he was very welcome in the hometown.

I knew the cousin’s family would be busy so I didn’t expect that they have arranged my entire stay.

Spent the entire first day on an road trip around Batan Island – Basco, Mahatao, Ivana, and Uyugan. Kept the van door open to let the cold air in. There was definitely no need for air conditioning during these months. Even the locals say it is cold.

The morning itinerary included a tour of the Basco Lighthouse in the Naidi Hills, Santo Domingo de Basco Church, and Valugan Boulard Beach. One of the great things about having the cousin was that he takes your photos as he gives you the tour 😀 So this time, I actually have photos of me during this travel. Good thing because I’m still working on my selfie skills.

The afternoon was spent on a road trip to Ivana, Basco Communal Pastureland, and Diura Fishing Village. The view from the road is enough a treat for anyone visitors.

Basco Lighthouse
View from the top of Basco Lighthouse

P1010336 P1010338

IMG_3549  P1010379 P1010389

Valugan Boulder Beach


Japanese Tunnel
View of Mt. Iraya from PAGASA Weather Station
Mt. Carmel Church
House of Dakay in Ivana
Honesty Store in Ivana
San Jose de Ivana Church

P1010471   IMG_3583 IMG_3585  IMG_3611   IMG_3628 IMG_3631

Basco Communal Pastureland
Sunset at the viewing deck

View on the way to Basco Communal Pastureland IMG_3666 IMG_3674 IMG_3681 IMG_3700 IMG_3735


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