This hardly looks like the blooms in that cheery shrub(?) I saw this morning. But hey, it did make me feel a bit productive. It feels good to be playing with old watercolors again.


04292014Craving for beef on a Tuesday is an indicator of one stressful week. Usually, that need for beef comes on a Thursday or Friday. Add some salad in honey mustard dressing (the only dressing I can prepare) to lessen the guilt. Accompany that with an ice filled tumbler of lemon flavored soda with chopped bits of real lemon rind to cool down on a warm summer evening.




Just couldn’t help it. IMG_4119

I volunteered to get the gift items for our graduating  development journalism students at the nearby shops lining the main avenue. I thought me doing the purchasing would give me the feel-good points for the month. I had hoped that it would prevent me from getting another notebook for myself. Or so I thought.

I still have a couple of unused notebooks lined up for use. My stock  would cover the entire 2014. Heck, even 2015’s entries. Still, when I saw this particular set of bound square pages, I had to check the price. For PhP 150, it felt like a good buy at the time. Now, I’m really more worried about this craze for notebooks than the purchase’s effect on the week’s budget.

If this was a test for self-control, I failed miserably. I’m not even sure I’d do better at mustering some level of restraint over acquiring notebooks.