Found my screen door locked from the outside this morning.

Must have been a late April Fools’ Day prank 😐 I had no choice but to force one side of the aluminium frame off the concrete so I can go out of the apartment. Made a mental note this morning to give the apartment repairman a call. A note I remembered only when I got home from work – late.

It’s funny how the long it would take to process any deviation from the routine. I was attempting to open the screen door to go to work. It just wouldn’t budge. It took some processing time to accept that I can’t open the damned door. And then I needed more time to realize that the door was locked from the outside.

Seriously?! Who would do that?!  In my six years stay in this compound, this has never happened before. It’s too early in the morning to get the irate self on. Then again, it was April Fools’ Day yesterday.  I get the prank. It’s just troublesome to have this door frame fixed.

In the end, I took the broken frame inside, took a deep breath, and tried to look at the situation as a test. I could always let a prank ruin the day but it would be me who will be suffering. That’d be a lose-lose situation. Not one I’d want to be in. It wasn’t easy but a couple of more deep breaths and somehow, the day seemed better. It’s your choice to what to make of your day. (I  should really have this tattooed on my wrist so I don’t forget.)



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