I’m worried.

Okay, that’s nothing new really. But seriously, I fear that I’m losing respect (or fear) for deadlines. Self-control, discipline, work ethic, professionalism, time management – all these (and the dread of backlog and the rescheduling of other tasks) are affected. That would mean chaos at work and me not getting good sleep, which would then make me less productive. I did say chaos, did I not?

Not meeting deadlines is bad thing – especially if that’s something I’m trying to teach in my classes. That would mean losing credibility. I do not want that to happen.

I’ve been staring at the word files I should have been working on for hours yet I’ve done nothing substantial. I try to do small portions of work and then taking a break (that includes this entry) but I find myself having longer breaks than doing the actual work.

The only way to get this task off my backlog is to get it done. That’s been the idea since last week – and the week before. I’ve been in this situation before and I survived it. If only I could remember what I did that gave me the motivation to do all the tasks I may not have wanted to do but completed anyway because I just had to.

On the brighter side, I did manage to clean the windows as promised. Cleaned the apartment walls and even my closet (!). It was noon when I finished the apartment chores. That was when the procrastination began.

Now the day’s about to end and I’m not even halfway through the first of around ten articles I would need to submit first thing Monday morning (nine of them would need to be laid out). Worse, the deadlines have already been extended submitting late would not be an option.




IMG_4164Our latest issue was delivered today!

I always look forward to seeing our final outputs for the first time. I like that mixed feeling of anxiety and relief — anxiety for possible errors (there are always errors 😐 ) and relief that the publication is finally out for circulation.

Spent the afternoon distributing copies at the municipal hall. It’s just a great relief to have completed this issue (or any publication for that matter). Now, I just have to update stories at the website.



some sign


Came home to two broken windows. Just great. This is just what I needed.Untitled-1

I hope that this is not the doing of the group responsible for the April Fools’ Day lock prank. I keep hoping that it may have just been a group of children playing (with rock throwing and windows as targets?!) or perhaps their just trying to scare the compound’s dog away (with a rock large enough and a force strong enough to break through two glass windows?!). Called the landlord immediately to report on the window damage.

The incident did call my attention to one important thing — I really need to clean that window (and I could sense the third sister nodding from where she might be reading this.) I’ll take it as a sign. I’ll clean the apartment windows first thing tomorrow.

the wonderful world of Gl–

Was paying for the fruit shake – that was lunch at 2 pm after distributing the latest issue at the municipal hall – when the phone rang.

“Hello?” I answered, uncertain of who might be calling. “Please let it not be the client,” I prayed in silence.

“Good morning! I’m <missed that part>. Welcome to the wonderful world of Gl–”

“No sorry, I’m not interested in any of your products,” it was an automatic response. It has become an automatic response after dealing with these type of calls on a regular basis (- like years?). And it was a bitchy response – as the sidelong glance of the man at the fruit shake stand would indicate. I think he felt sorry for the person at the other end of the line – as did I although just briefly after I uttered the words.

<brief pause> “Okay, thank you ma’am,” and <missed that part> ended the call.

I did feel wonderful. The was a record. Usually, they were more persistent. I could be polite and waste both of our time. Or I could be (very) direct – and feel wonderful about it.

Feeling sorry for the person who was about to waste her time on you and waste your time and feeling wonderful about not wasting time are not mutually exclusive. (The eldest sister would disagree.)


Achievement unlocked.IMG_4151 It took me about an hour but yes, I did successfully change the apartment door’s deadbolt. Pa would have been proud.  The lock did last for more than six years and it’s  a good thing there was extra cash to buy a new one within the day.

I was supposed to wait for the apartment’s carpenter to deal with the lock first thing tomorrow morning. I just could not wait that long. I have to leave the apartment and I wasn’t quite sure if I’d have this afternoon’s luck in randomly rotating the key until somehow the door opens.

It wasn’t as hard as the instructions made it seem. It’s just that I feared I won’t be able to install the thing properly. That would mean a pricey house call from a carpenter – if I found one.

At first I thought the broken lock was the cherry on top of a really bad day. It turned out that it was the only thing that made me feel productive today. It’s been a such a long 10-hour work stretch (with breaks of course).

I’m just grateful I had something positive to take with me to sleep.



The third sister kept her promise.

This was lunch
… and lunch, still.

Accompanied the third sister to a wedding in Tagaytay. I would want to say that it was a sisterly thing for me to do. But really, the trip out of town – with food allowance to boot – made it okay to give up sleeping until late on Saturdays. Plus, the third sister said she’d make up for keeping me hungry the last time I served as her companion.

We left Los Baños at around 6 am giving us time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast. Settle on a place after failing to find this breakfast place we were supposed to go, Google Maps and all. Still, it was a good breakfast.

Lunch was better. The sister had to stay at the wedding reception so she gave us the allowance for lunch. Opted for the Korean place across Sky Ranch. We were the only customers when we arrived. More people eventually came in the afternoon.

Had my first bibimbap, which was technically free since the sister was paying for the meal. I’ve also been craving for the barbecue but I can’t find the place and the chance to order it. Ordering for the set doesn’t really look good when you’re dining alone, which would be me most of the time. Today was a good barbecue opportunity 😀 Again, courtesy of the sister who unfortunately was stuck at the wedding reception.

Kuya Marlon and I stayed at the restaurant about three hours before the sister called requesting to be picked up.

We endured the afternoon heat and the weekend traffic back Los Baños supposedly. Stopped by Paseo de Sta. Rosa to make the most of managing to get out of town – and  far from the mother. Enjoyed a late afternoon pizza after chancing upon great discounts!

This has got to be the best Saturday in… for a long time.