The third sister kept her promise.

This was lunch
… and lunch, still.

Accompanied the third sister to a wedding in Tagaytay. I would want to say that it was a sisterly thing for me to do. But really, the trip out of town – with food allowance to boot – made it okay to give up sleeping until late on Saturdays. Plus, the third sister said she’d make up for keeping me hungry the last time I served as her companion.

We left Los Baños at around 6 am giving us time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast. Settle on a place after failing to find this breakfast place we were supposed to go, Google Maps and all. Still, it was a good breakfast.

Lunch was better. The sister had to stay at the wedding reception so she gave us the allowance for lunch. Opted for the Korean place across Sky Ranch. We were the only customers when we arrived. More people eventually came in the afternoon.

Had my first bibimbap, which was technically free since the sister was paying for the meal. I’ve also been craving for the barbecue but I can’t find the place and the chance to order it. Ordering for the set doesn’t really look good when you’re dining alone, which would be me most of the time. Today was a good barbecue opportunity 😀 Again, courtesy of the sister who unfortunately was stuck at the wedding reception.

Kuya Marlon and I stayed at the restaurant about three hours before the sister called requesting to be picked up.

We endured the afternoon heat and the weekend traffic back Los Baños supposedly. Stopped by Paseo de Sta. Rosa to make the most of managing to get out of town – and  far from the mother. Enjoyed a late afternoon pizza after chancing upon great discounts!

This has got to be the best Saturday in… for a long time.


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