Achievement unlocked.IMG_4151 It took me about an hour but yes, I did successfully change the apartment door’s deadbolt. Pa would have been proud.  The lock did last for more than six years and it’s  a good thing there was extra cash to buy a new one within the day.

I was supposed to wait for the apartment’s carpenter to deal with the lock first thing tomorrow morning. I just could not wait that long. I have to leave the apartment and I wasn’t quite sure if I’d have this afternoon’s luck in randomly rotating the key until somehow the door opens.

It wasn’t as hard as the instructions made it seem. It’s just that I feared I won’t be able to install the thing properly. That would mean a pricey house call from a carpenter – if I found one.

At first I thought the broken lock was the cherry on top of a really bad day. It turned out that it was the only thing that made me feel productive today. It’s been a such a long 10-hour work stretch (with breaks of course).

I’m just grateful I had something positive to take with me to sleep.



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