the wonderful world of Gl–

Was paying for the fruit shake – that was lunch at 2 pm after distributing the latest issue at the municipal hall – when the phone rang.

“Hello?” I answered, uncertain of who might be calling. “Please let it not be the client,” I prayed in silence.

“Good morning! I’m <missed that part>. Welcome to the wonderful world of Gl–”

“No sorry, I’m not interested in any of your products,” it was an automatic response. It has become an automatic response after dealing with these type of calls on a regular basis (- like years?). And it was a bitchy response – as the sidelong glance of the man at the fruit shake stand would indicate. I think he felt sorry for the person at the other end of the line – as did I although just briefly after I uttered the words.

<brief pause> “Okay, thank you ma’am,” and <missed that part> ended the call.

I did feel wonderful. The was a record. Usually, they were more persistent. I could be polite and waste both of our time. Or I could be (very) direct – and feel wonderful about it.

Feeling sorry for the person who was about to waste her time on you and waste your time and feeling wonderful about not wasting time are not mutually exclusive. (The eldest sister would disagree.)


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