It was the first time Mako wore his vest. It freed the human (that would be me) from the inconvenience of bringing a small bag for the water (for the dog) and poop bags during walks. Got this one on sale from Jack’s Wagging Tail 😀

I’m loving this cold weather. While the cold can be disorienting (it feels like it’s always around 6am with this cold), it’s a good time to take walks. After lazing at the apartment for most of the day, I took Mako out.

Taking an eight-month-old JRT for a walk involves numerous stops as he marks every tree, light post, and trash bin along the way. Still, it’s one of the most best  ways to spend cold afternoons – especially with a 7Eleven cappuccino and chili dog 😀

On our way back home, we dropped by the workplace to get the bike. It was the first time I rode the bike home with Mako on a leash, running along on the side. The ride home involved frequent stops with my easily distracted companion but we made it home safely. Now, the reward of taking the pup for a long walk-run in the afternoon is having a quiet evening.

With Mako sound asleep, I get to do some reading and writing without any biting/nipping or shirt tugging. Such a nice way to end a the day.


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