I thought that I’d be relieved after sharing the notebooks and planners. I’m actually scared (happy-scared?) that people are interested in buying them. I realized that I have underestimated the time it would take to generate interest. This a good thing! I keep telling myself that.

But what if these products just looked good in the photos? What if the buyers become disappointed in the product? What if the feel like they didn’t get their money’s worth? What if it didn’t meet their expectations?

Darn this negativity.

I have no doubt about getting the stock ready for next week. I’m scared about what the people would think when they get the notebooks. I don’t care about how numb my arms would be or how these hands wouldn’t quit shaking after the work hours for these notebooks. I’m anxious to know whether the buyers would feel good about their purchases.

I’m scared. Then I start making the computations on the additional raw materials to be purchased tomorrow and somehow, I can breathe easier.

This is really happening! Then again, I can just be overreacting.

I go for the overreacting option 😐

On a more relaxing note, I managed to take Mako for a run 😀 So far, I haven’t missed a day for his daily walk/run exercise. That means I have also been consistently spending at least 15 minutes of daily exercise accompanying the pup. I even managed a run yesterday. It turned out that last night marked the third year I’ve been jogging 😀


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