I didn’t use my personal laptop at the office today. I consider that an achievement. I also didn’t beat myself over a deadline. That one, I’m not so proud of. I’m still working on that deadline -and probably be working on that over the weekend. There goes my weekend notebook workshop 😐

On a happier note, Mako and I managed to get some exercise for five consecutive nights 😀 He jogs as I pedal around the block. We get a lot of grins from the neighbors – especially the kids!

I overheard one boy telling his mother about this dog who runs along with a bike as we breeze past them.

Our nightly bicycle rides slash jogs are far from smooth or graceful. There’s no grace in stopping twice to pick up Mako’s poop. (I make sure to have at least two poop bags for our rides.) And nothing could be farther from graceful when you find yourself wobbling in attempting to regain your balance at the bicycle – and yes, some form of dignity – whenever the pup suddenly decides to go on an off road sprint to pursue dogs in the neighborhood.

Now Mako gnaws on his chew stick in peace, his food bowl emptied and coat cleaned.

Friday evenings have become laundry nights. I used to deal with laundry during Saturday mornings. Now, I’m saving the weekends to work on building the stock of notebooks.

The printing press delivery set for today was moved to Tuesday next week. The release of the notebooks would be much later than I would have hoped for but right now, I’m just thankful that the press managed to produce it. While waiting for the delivery, I try to look for possible partnerships in the sale of a thousand notebooks. The Bindery’s going to its first high school fair next month! 😀

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