I’m getting old. Met briefly with former students and student assistants earlier this evening after a movie date with the eldert sister. I was bribed with a chocolate bar and a rose in exchange for a recommendation letter due next week and a few bits of gossip 🙂

I see them, the students who frequented Rm. 210B, settling into their post-college lives and I cannot help but feel old – in a nice way. It warms the heart to see the subtle changes in them. They have more confident demeanor, formal clothing, and tax complaints. And yes, they have more harsh comments for you.

I’m getting all sentimental this week. I see a some of last year’s graduates returning to Los Baños for this week’s February Fair.

I thought one needed to be really old to appreciate to appreciate seeing former students. I guess not.  That, or  I’m really old.


an unusual case

After more than seven years of teaching, it’s quite difficult to be surprised with anything student related. One has developed a rather realistic perspective of things as well as expectations.

Every semester, I find myself working with students who I have accepted are too busy projecting a meaningful life in their respective online accounts to appreciate the effort and time teachers put into designing class activities and exercises. This I have accepted is the norm.

At around four in the afternoon, one of the newly hired student assistants approached me and handed me a ribboned brown package. A Valentine’s Day present for the supervisor she said. The student requested that I open the package after she has timed out for the day and has left the room. I could sense her embarrassment for the crumpled wrapping and the value of the gift. She said mumbled an apology for the gift. It’s what we could afford, she said. She and the other student assigned to me shared the expenses for the gift. They haven’t even received their first late pay yet. And I haven’t given even them anything for Valentine’s Day.

A pleasant surprise :)
A pleasant surprise 🙂

Minutes after she left the room, I found myself still staring at the gift. I sent them my thanks. The gift was a nice gesture. I need not unwrap the package. I just stared at it and realized how a nice gesture can be such a pleasant surprise.

When the years have trained you to expect a high sense of entitlement and self-centeredness by default from all the students you encounter, you forget how to respond to a few exceptions. I can finally add one positive entry about work.

mako’s night out

2015-02-12 20.24.47
Took Mako to his first February Fair earlier this evening. He spent most of the time eating grass and rubbing his back against the grass. He did enjoy seeing lots of people and meeting other dogs! I gave him some glow sticks more for safety than aesthetic purposes. Some sections of the fair grounds can be quite dark and crowded.