It’s amazing how something you can fit at the palm of your hand can cost a LOT!          -and  extend one’s life for more than a decade. There’s an unread manual about a third of an inch thick included in the kit, as well as an ID certifying that I have had a heart valve replacement. The doctors tell me that the ID would be useful when the staples in my ribs sound off whenever I pass security checks.

On July 3, my life was extended by about 15 years thanks to the new mitral valve. I’ve been finally cleared for the heart valve replacement after four months of waiting for the swelling in the brain vein to subside.

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At the Philippine Heart Center, seeing a patient clutching this pillow means that the owner has undergone some form of surgery. I found it difficult to tear myself away from the sense of security that this pillow provides. Two weeks after the surgery, I finally managed to let go.