Hello August!

20150801_080923Started the month with an early morning walk at the University field. I have to admit, I envied the joggers as they breezed past me. The third sister accompanied me to the field but opted to stay in one of the benches. It would take a long while for me to be able to jog again. Still, it’s a source of consolation that I’m walking at a faster pace compared with the last walk. I’m aim to increase the pace gradually.

This is the first time I braved the stairs at the UPLB Nihon Koen (Japanese Garden). You see, stairs and high temperature are two things that really challenge this new heart valve. It is impossible to avoid them so I just need to condition this body to deal with these two. Hopefully, I’d be well-adjusted by the time I report back to work.

For now, I’m still high on being allowed to go out alone. I never really appreciated that before. I just thought it was a given. It’s one of the several things these past few months have taught me.


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