“fit to work”

IMG_0077In movies, there’s always that scene when bits of your life comes in flashes projected on an empty space in front of you.

The moment the cardiologist handed my the fit to work certification, everything seemed light. I was relieved to finally have tangible proof that I can resume some form of normalcy.

It took half a year to get to this point. Three hospital admissions, seven hospital rooms, more than a dozen doctors’ appointments, a number of CT scans, MRI, MRS, x-rays, and only God knows how many IV needles these hands and feet survived.

Half a year of crazy schedules for the sisters taking turns in keeping me company in the emergency room, ward, ICU, operating room, surgical ICU, and at home. It’s half a year of some serious hospital expenses, draining the mother’s retirement fund.

It’s half a year of surviving acute infective endocarditis, stroke (a mild one), and an operation for heart valve replacement.

I’ll still have more doctors’ appointments to set and keep. I’ll still have more needles pierced into my veins for blood tests and vaccinations.

But for now, I am relieved. I’m thankful. I’m relieved.


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